Magdalene Hope Ministries

We are striving to make every effort to end Human Trafficking
to rescue the women, men and children
who are trapped in the life.

Restoration Ranch

Restoration Ranch Women’s Safe Shelter is a safehouse for women that are coming out of the commercial sex industry. Commercial sex would include: prostitution, human trafficking, stripping and pornography. Restoration Ranch offers a one year Christ discipleship program with 9 months of transitional housing upon graduation. RR was the 5th Shelter to open in California (to offered services to human trafficking survivors) and the 27th shelter, of it’s kind, to open in the United States.

Street Reach

Our streetreach teams meet regularly to minister through outreach in the communities we serve. We look to offer friendship with the ladies on the street through consistent communication and one on one interaction. We offer prayer, a backpack full of gifts, food and unconditional love. We let them know we are here for them, that they can call us and if/when they are ready to get out of the life and that we have a safe place they can go.

Exit 11

A large amount of sex trafficking is going tech. Traffickers move individuals from city to city and post ads on online classifieds pages. Exit 11 is our ministry to reach out to these ladies. We regularly monitor these sites and engage them through texting. Similar to our Streetreach ministry, we offer the ladies a pressure free backpack full of gifts and set up a time that we could meet them in person. Our goal is to let the ladies know that they are loved, and we are here for them, if they should want out.

Rescue Grounds Coffee Company

Rescue Grounds Coffee Company is our latest venture to raise awareness on human trafficking and give survivors the ability to earn a living on their own. We are opening our first location on January 6, 2017 at Memorial Hospital in Bakersfield, California. All proceeds will go towards combating human trafficking and will aid victims and survivors that we work with. All of our coffee and tea will be ethically sourced and purchased from farmers that we know personally. With that said, their farms do not have human trafficking victims working on them and offer a fair wage. RGCC will offer a full menu of coffees and teas as well as serve several different food items. Rescue Grounds Coffee Company – “More than a cup of coffee, it’s a cup of hope.”